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Our Initiatives

The iSmileForAngele Project is an initiative in the Mental Health sector of They Love My Splash LLC that embodies resilience, expression, and motivation in addressing trauma, grief, and spreading mental health awareness in the community by promoting positivity - as many think they are alone. That is why They Love My Successful Plan in Life Adjusting to Securing Happiness.

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#iSmileForAngele Legacy Scholarship

Founded in 2015, the #iSmileForAngele Legacy Scholarship is funded to assist scholars in the right direction to strive towards excellence in advancing their education.


Chanel Benjamin wanted to commemorate her grandmother’s legacy by honoring her life, highlighting her beliefs, and providing financial assistance for scholars and student athletes. Those of whom balance life, studies, and extra-curricular activities on and off the court proving exceptional diligence.

iSmileForAngele Legacy Scholarship

Dream Big, Achieve More!


The #iSmileForAngele Legacy Scholarship application is NOW OPEN. The #iSmileForAngele Legacy Scholarship honors the life and legacy of my grandmother, who has devoted her life to molding the potential of the youth by focusing on the importance of education and the service to others.


Two graduating high school seniors will be awarded $2,500, who have demonstrated academic achievement, leadership, and community service. Apply today and pave the way for your dreams!

We inspire, empower, and provide essential resources to our mentees. Our goal is to prepare students for success for making a smooth transition on their journey to college.

Our initiatives include providing scholarships to High School students transitioning into higher education. Amazon list for first year College Experience.

Would you like to make a contribution to directly impact the community through our initiatives?

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Would you like to make a contribution to directly impact the community through our initiatives? Our initiatives include providing iSmileForAngele Legacy Scholarships to High School students transitioning into higher education, granting the Amazon list for First Year College Experience Mentoring Program, and Student Athlete Honors Achievement.


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Student Athlete SPLASH


Our Mentorship Program supports first year students with their transition to college. We have monthly sessions that assist students with time management, financial planning, career opportunities, mental health check-ins, healthy work habits, and develop a community that they can connect with other students.

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